Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A review of Bumgenius Freetime AIO

Dah dua bulan order baru dapat nih. Cottonbabies dah launch Bumgenius Freetime All-in-One since around end September kut, tapi hanya available through pre-order, and barang hanya akan ada in December. Ada new colours and prints (dan harga pre-order lagi murah dari retail!) harus la dirembat 2-3 bijik ;)

Since Umar dah ada Flip cover in Clementine, Butternut and Moonbeam, pilihan warna boboi adalah sedikit terhad. Maka mama belikan in Albert, Ribbit and Mirror (sebijik Flip in Dazzle jugak, tapi delayed shipping).

albert snap

Pic googled from babybellebottoms and bumgenius . will post real pic soon, promise!

My review:

How it fits - Fit sangat marvellous, Umar looked very comfortable in it. Leg casings are generous, no red marks at all. The rise is also generous, it fit just below Umar's bellybutton.

How it holds - After only 2 pre-washes (mak tak tahan nak bagi pakai tak sempat basuh 3 kali dulu) Ribbit held Umar's pee like a champ! We were busy while Umar in Ribbit, I forgot to change Umar from 10 until almost 2! That's almost 4 hours, careless mama! ( I usually change Umar 2-3 hourly). When I changed him, the insert is very soaked, but his bum is still dry :)

How it dries - It's really easy to use, and even easier to wash, since the insert only sewn in on one side. It dries up overnight, just the same as other inserts.


If only I have money to change ALL Umar's stash into BG AIO, I would! But anyways boy's colours left for me to choose is only grasshopper, twilight, noodle and sassy, and I'm not a fan of pastel colours for Umar's CD. And I wouldn't mind, but the father put his foot down regarding me dressing up his son in pink, so no, no zinnia and blossom for Umar. If only BG AIO comes up with more prints as with the 4.0's artist's series.. haih..

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