Sunday, January 15, 2012

The hunt

I've been wanting a diaper caddy for a while already. All this while barang-barang for diaper changing simpan dalam a few types of containers.

Mula-mula a small plastic container.

Then my Clinique drawstring pouch.

Now, a plastic container with lid and handle, the container of couples tees we got from mami ayu.

Tapi none yang betul-betul sesuai. Yang takde lid, barang asyik jatuh tergolek, pouch susah pulak nak cari barang kecik. Yang ada lid tak muat la pulaaakk nak letak bedak.

I did come across a few types of diaper caddy during my hunt for babystuff when I was pregnant, the most appealing would be this;

Cantik kan? from munchkin. Tapi takde kat Malaysia. Only a few options in Malaysia that i like:

from Skiphop

from JJCole

Tapi they're more than RM100 which for me bukan keperluan la nak beli sampai ratus kan. Baik mama beli CD :)

Baru-baru ni googled on diaper caddy terjumpa lah diaper bag organizer yang ok.  Well it's meant for diaper bags so I'm killing two birds in one stone ;)

Currently what I'm waiting for in the mail is this:

can't wait!

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