Friday, December 30, 2011

My favourite tool for preparing Umar's food

Masa mengandungkan Umar, I really thought I'd like that cute baby food maker for when my baby's starting solids. After extensive reading (as always, before investing) two options were at hand:

1. Baby food maker - from a few brands that i came across, the most famous would be the Avent Steamer &Blender. Others are from LittleBean and Beaba. Budget is from 200 to well over 600.

2. Slowcooker - i thought this option would  really come in handy. i mean, u can just toss all ingredients the night before and by morning it would be piping hot and ready as porridge. easy peasy. The good part is that the smallest slowcooker will cost us less than RM 100.

After having Umar, these were put out of mind until a few weeks ago when Umar's due for solids approached. By then, a third option came to mind:

3. Hand blender - this item would speed foodmaking process, i suppose. Baby food is almost always boiled / baked / steamed, i can blend it straight inside the container. This, would cost us somewhere between 300 to 400.

Under intensive discussion with my favourite guru (mak!) ehem, whilst browsing through the electrical store, i laid down my options and asked her opinion. I strongly leaned towards Avent's steamblend thingy, just because it was so nifty and easy, not to mention, cute. But I also thought the other two options were worth fighting over. Round and round i went, with umar and hariz in tow. Finally mak said, haizzz hand blender la senang... yg lain tu tak tentu pakai later. Umar dah besar ada ke nak pakai slow cooker ke babyfoodmaker lagi?

She's right about that.

Now I'm using Philips HandBlender to make Umar's food. Nak beli  Kenwood ke Bosch mahal nokkkk mak tak mampu (padahal sama je harga dengan Avent Steamer Blender tu hahaha), takpe yang penting boleh save budget, and can be used in the long run. Dan yang pentinggggggg skali kat kedai tu the best model for Philips hand blender was on sale, so we saved more! It has an extensive range of speed control, so the fastest made the smooooooothest puree.

Nowadays i made Umar's food every other day, packed into individual portions in 100ml freezersafe container. pagi2 panaskan dan hantar 2 portions ke taska, balik rumah he eats baked bananas/biscuit/a portion of porridge for dinner. kenyang anak mama, perut pun sudah gunduts ;)

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