Thursday, February 13, 2014


First things first; what LITTLE MAN? there are already TWO of them now :)

It's been way too long, I've ranted and whined and showed off the kids achievements in IG and Facebook but well, yeah, kesian si Ilyas I didn't have anything about him here, and he's already 9months+! -___-"

Nanti ye sayang, will update your activities here so we can all laugh about them later ;)


hana said...

Slm anis.still hntr anak ke taska ameen tu ker?ok x?tgh survey utk anak sy ni.tq

FadlinaMokhtar said...

salam .saya pun tgh survey nak hantar anak kat taska kd ni.nak tukar pengasuh.hantar lagi ke kat taska ameen.

kalau sudi,mintak tlg reply kat