Saturday, November 19, 2011

First post on Umar's CDing Journey

I did say I wanted to post on umar’s adventure in cloth diapering kan.. eheh, my bad.
Umar start pakai lampin biasa+diaper cover around his 4th day, I think. Nak bagi pakai CD yang one-size still too big untuk umar, dah dia kecik comel je 2.5kg, and one-sized ones usually tagged for 8-35lb (±3-15kg). I bought a few diaper covers that are suitable for 6-18lbs, so the fit lebih cantik.
After much MUCH reading and researching and browsing through online sellers to find the best deal (for I am an avid bargain-hunter), here are the list of diapers that I’ve already bought before delivering umar:
3 dozen flats/ lampin
the links i provided is where i bought the respective items.
N during babyshower that my dearest friend Ya threw for me and Aishah, I’ve got:
1 Freshbots fitted diaper in size S
There are a few websites that I always refer to when in doubt or have a lingering question in my head:
from then on, i slowly bought more and after 4months, this is how umar's stash looks like:
not much, but enough to fully CD umar. i've since kept away the flats for my coming niece/nephew :D
i'll keep different posts on CDing a newborn, and reviews of each brand okies. later!

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